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Living My Way

Changes are happening in the disability service system. These changes mean that people with disability can:

  • choose their own disability services
  • decide how disability services will work for them.

The changes also mean that:

  • new disability services may start working in our communities
  • community-controlled services and corporations (like the AMS) may start to provide services to people with disability.

You can prepare for the changes by taking three steps:

  1. Think and plan.
  2. Grow your knowledge, skills and connections.
  3. Take charge.

‘Disability’ means you need extra help to get things done. Maybe you have trouble with • getting around • understanding other people • making decisions • everyday tasks like cooking, eating or washing yourself.

Help can be from • other people (friends, family, support workers) • special equipment (like using crutches to walk or wearing a hearing aid).

An Aboriginal girl with disability uses a communication board. Standing to the side of the girl her Aunt looks on.

Aboriginal Disability Network NSW and Broken Hill Films developed these videos to enhance understanding about disability in Aboriginal communities. Aboriginal people with disability and their families from around New South Wales allowed us to capture their stories to share and create awareness for others living with disability.

Storytelling is a valued cultural practice in Aboriginal communities. People's stories can also inform the planning process for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

You can watch the videos Living My Way and Living My Way: Getting Prepared on our Youtube channel.